Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

STARiHOTELS endeavours to provide its guests outstanding services and experiences in luxury and budget hotels across the country. Team at STARiHOTELS value the guests and their faith in delivering a superior level of service.


Our team at STARiHOTELS identifies that privacy is essential to the guests, and hence STARiHOTELS Privacy Policy illuminates the practices concerning the personal information collected when guests visit STARiHOTELS hotels and website, fill up a form and become member of our loyalty programmes. STARiHOTELS comprises a protected system that secures users’ private information and enables all the users to use its services with full confidence.


Kindly read this policy document carefully before sharing personal information. By exploring the website, we assume, your acceptance to the practices described in this policy document.


Personal information collected by STARiHOTELS from its guests

There are a number of situations in which guests personal information may be gathered by STARiHOTELS to serve you best.  At various touch points with our guests and for safety, some information for identification is required. The purpose is to know that to whom company is booking the hotel from its end. For statistical purposes, the nationality, date of birth and gender is asked. When customers visit the website, system automatically log the IP address of the customer. Only email addresses and contact details are required to send the customers confirmation emails at the time of reservations.


Reservation data

In order to do a reservation, certain information including Name, Gender, Nationality, Residential Address, Identification data (passport, driving license, voter card, adhaar card etc.), Date of arrival & departure, Contact Number and E-mail id are required.


Adhere to this policy

STARiHOTELS process the policy and principles herein systematically. Developer team has built all possible securities to keep the personal information secure. Use of company’s services and products are subject to understand and agree to STARiHOTELS policies. Also company reserves the right of making any change or modification in this policy.


Should guests want to opt out?

After your successful booking with STARiHOTELS, team may contact to keep posted about its products, services and events through mail. If you prefer not to keep up to date with STARiHOTELS news and latest information on services, send an email to


Dos & Don't to ensure your security

For guests’ privacy, we at STARiHOTELS advise our guests not to give sensitive personal information in any emails, which they send to us. Do not send debit or credit card number, password etc.


STARiHOTELS does not collect information from guests under 18 years of age.


Get in touch for any clarifications

For any further concern, get in touch with STARiHOTELS at